Get Certified as a Performance Management Systems Audit Professional

The KPI Institute’s Certified Performance Management Systems Audit Professional Online Training Course is a self-paced online certification program where you will learn how to assess and compare performance management systems. 

The course is based on The KPI Institute’s trademarked Maturity Model Framework and taps into more than 10 years worth of research on the use, improvement, and management of maturity models, for an institution’s capability maturity diagnosis. 

The KPI Institute, which has training experience in delivering more than 1,000 training programs for 6,536 professionals in 54 countries, allows participants to access the course in two ways: by attending a Live Online Delivery or a self-paced training layout on The KPI Institute’s E-learning Platform.

This four-part certification program is packed with core course videos, exercises and reading materials, templates, after-course action plans, webinars, presentations and forum discussions, and an evaluation session for a complete learning experience.

Cristina Mihailoaie brings her years of expertise into the facilitation of the course. As The KPI Institute’s research director, Mihailoaie has coordinated the performance management audits for renowned organizations, such as Nordea IT Group, MEFIC Capital, King Saud University Medical City, and Financial Audit Dubai. She was also involved in multiple projects for implementing a performance management system based on a Balanced Scorecard at strategic, operational, and individual levels.

After taking the course, you would be able to:

  • Ensure you have the right tools, processes, and people in the right place for your Performance Management System;
  • Identify the weaknesses of your current Performance Management Framework and learn how to shift from one maturity level to the next one;                                           
  • Conduct a full maturity assessment for one organization by accessing for free our full methodology (all 5 capabilities);                                                                   
  • Obtain premium recognition for your skills as a Certified Performance Audit Professional.

Don’t miss out on the chance to become a Certified Professional Auditor in Performance Management Systems

Enroll today and find out more details about the Certified Performance Management Systems Audit Professional online training course HERE.


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