New report: KPIs for Recruitment Agency Dashboard

kpis recruitment agency dashboard

March 12, 2014, Melbourne, Australia – The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education announces the launch of a new report, KPIs for Recruitment Agency Dashboard. The publication is based on research conducted through, which contains over 20,000 Key Performance Indicator examples, making it the world’s largest source of thoroughly documented KPIs.

Recruitment and employment activities include the search and placement of permanent or temporary staff. Clients can be both organizations that have outsourced these human resources processes, integrally or for specific vacancies, and individuals in search for a job. KPIs focus on both process efficiency (planning, interviewing, selecting, hiring) and suitability with the client’s needs.

The KPIs for Recruitment Agency Dashboard report is a comprehensive collection of 22 KPIs considered by the team as the most relevant and adequate to populate the Recruitment Agency Dashboard. Each KPI is documented based on the best practice KPI documentation template proprietory to and available in the smartKPIs Premium section of the website. There are over 30 fields of metadata specific to each KPI, from KPI name to definition, subordinate measures, and calculation formula, among others.

Some of the main sections of the reports are:

  • “KPIs … naturally”, an article that sets the context through a discussion on what is old and what is new in the use of KPIs.
  • An introduction to the custom KPI documentation form developed by the research team for documenting KPIs. It contains over 30 fields of data, making this the most thorough KPI documentation template in use today.
  • Comprehensive insights on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as performance measurement tools and a glossary explaining the most popular terms characterizing KPIs.
  • A list of the KPIs selected for the Recruitment Agency Dashboard, grouped by the main recruitment processes and activities.
  • A detailed description of each KPI listed in the KPIs for Recruitment Agency Dashboard report, as documented in smartKPIs Premium (the premium content section of

This collection of 22 thoroughly documented KPIs are used to measure performance of the Recruitment Agency in its most important activities and processes, such as New Business Opportunities, Productivity, Recruiting Operations, Labour Hire, Continuous Improvement and Marketing and Online Presence.

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