New Year, New Milestones: What Is Your Next Career Move?

Even if 2021 wanes, the new year means you are bound for a fresh start. Whether you want to get promoted, learn new tools, or gain an in-demand skill, this is the perfect time to map out your route for the next 12 months.

The minimal access to offices and the challenges of the Zoom era shouldn’t stop you from seeking career growth and opportunities. If there’s one good thing that the pandemic gave us, it’s more time to look at ourselves and reflect on the paths we want to take.

We asked our colleagues at The KPI Institute about their plans for 2022. Hear everything straight from them and get ready to be inspired.


“If 2021 was a year of first times, 2022 is going to be the year of gaining knowledge and experience and expanding my opportunities in different markets. I will consolidate my knowledge on how to attract more clients and learn better practices for facilitating our programs. I also plan to take a German language course and to organize myself and my habits better.”

Iulia Tutulan | Customer Engagement Specialist


“I realized that I find consultancy projects more appealing to me. I’m able to learn more and develop myself as a professional. When doing research and consultancy projects, I have the chance to apply concepts in real life. It also involves communication with the client, an aspect of the project that I find challenging and exciting at the same time.

To cut a long story short, I would love to keep on working on audit projects, to improve my writing style, to have the courage to bring my vision to life when making PowerPoint presentations, and to have the chance to discuss more with clients. I would like to manage my time better, to take tasks easy one at a time without stressing over deadlines, and to communicate more efficiently.”

Aida Manea | Business Research Analyst, TKI Research 


“In 2022, I look forward to investing more time and effort in my skills. There were training opportunities I neglected to embrace, and I am not very happy about it.”

Vintila Raluca | Management Consultant, TKI Consulting


“I hope I will be able to work on research projects that involve data analysis and recommendations as well new courses. I would also like to learn new skills especially management skills.”

Mai Ismail | Business Research Analyst, AMSI


“I want to grow the AMSI team and start research in new functional areas of research and to build on experience this year and design faster and better the same type of products (analytical tools, courses). I also plan to test and launch at least two different type of products (surveys and academies).”

Monica Marchis | Director of Research, AMSI


“I would like to make the blended delivery of the Strategy and Business Planning Professional Certification happen. It may be related to me upskilling in terms of using industry-standard software, like Articulate Storyline or Captivate, to add more personality, animated people, and elements to the recorded theory part of the course.”

Roxanne Mercado | Head of Instructional Design


“I want to develop new skills in content writing, share my knowledge and expertise with junior researchers and consultants, and contribute to new primary research projects.”

Daniela Vuta | Senior Business Research Analyst, TKI Research


“I look forward to integrating my efforts with TKI into empowering words to achieve performance excellence. My plans are to develop the HR Maturity Model, Marketing and other functional maturity models, and the enterprise maturity model. I also want to play a role in sensitizing and at the same time explore the learning concepts of Industry 4.0 and Web 3.0. The question is, how can these futuristic concepts be integrated with business excellence in 2022 and 2023?”

Manoj Dubey | Internal Consultant, AMSI


“I want to excel in Power BI by the end of 2022 and see myself as a better value addition to TKI’s growth.”

Sirisha Kodukulla | Business Research Analyst, TKI Research


“I want to work toward signing my first consulting project to support the consulting division.”

Fadi Al-Jafari | Management Consultant


“I would like to learn more about digital marketing and content writing and to achieve new certifications, such as the Certified OKR Professional and the Certified Performance Management Professional and Practitioner.”

Claudia Istratii | Customer Engagement Specialist, EMEA


“My plan for 2022 is to continue the CRM project, which I hope would lead to more products related to CRM, such as a mini course or CRM mini tools that can give benefits to me and to company. I am also interested in learning more about performance management and joining TKI’s certified courses.”

Besty Afrah Hasyati | Business Research Analyst, AMSI


Now, it’s your turn. What is your plan for 2022?

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