Inside Performance Magazine: How performance measurement benefits the auto industry

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There is no one standard performance measurement system that would perfectly fit all organizations. Just ask Fabian Stigler, who graces the cover of the July 2021 issue of the PERFORMANCE Magazine – Printed Edition.

Stigler, a project engineer at IQ Intelligentes Ingenieur Management GmbH, specializes in project management, business intelligence, and business analytics.

One of his accomplishments as a performance analyst is developing a KPI system (KPI Performance Measurement System) that simplified multiple KPIs into an overall statement. 

He has also designed a data visualization guideline that makes reporting easier to understand and presentations clearly structured. “This system is methodical and universally applicable and can therefore be used in many departments and companies/industries,” he explains. 

With over six years of experience in the international automotive industry, Stigler tells PERFORMANCE Magazine that performance measurement systems play a significant role in decision-making nowadays. He attributes this change to “the advent of digitization in the automotive industry and the ever-increasing influence of data.”

According to Stigler, technology is important in building a robust performance measurement system. To achieve that, he emphasizes the need for powerful IT instruments, such as data lakes, powerful servers, and software.

Read Stigler’s complete interview in the July 2021 issue of the PERFORMANCE Magazine – Printed Edition. He shares his insights on the usage of KPIs, his advice to professionals in his field, and his views on work-life balance. 

The latest issue discusses the employee performance management cycle and the role of departmental values in achieving a corporate vision. Readers will learn more about the OKR system being implemented in brands like Google, Accenture, Twitter, and LinkedIn and the magazine’s recommended reading list for 2021.

Sharing your views, experiences, and strategies in managing performance is a great way to make connections and strengthen your professional brand as a business leader. 

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