TKI People Awards: Research Division Bags the Team of the Quarter Award

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The Research Division of The KPI Institute (TKI) has been named the Team of the Quarter for its exemplary performance in the first quarter of 2021.

The TKI People Awards series features the employees and teams recognized by TKI for going above and beyond expectations, excelling as team players, and creating a tremendous impact on the company.

Composed of subject matter experts and business research analysts, the Research Division ensures that the company’s courses are calibrated according to industry trends and demands. With their knowledge, skills, and leadership, TKI’s comprehensive KPI database continues to provide up-to-date and innovative content in order to help businesses measure their success.

“We are the BRAINs, the core team, which develops the company’s products and services,” says Cristina Mihăiloaie, Business Unit Manager of the Research Division. The team is responsible for producing quantitative and qualitative research and publications on performance management and performance measurement systems.

How are they able to accomplish those things?

Let’s find out from some of the team’s members.

What are a few perks that make working in your team a great experience?

Cristina: Openness, honesty, and support allow us to make sure that at the end of the day, our output meets clients’ expectations.

Human Hardy: We are able to learn and acquire new sets of knowledge and skills in many industrial topics.

Aida Manea: I would say the feeling that you are being listened to and that you are also listening. The amazing thing that results from this is anyone can come up with ideas, and if they are good, they will be recognized and applied.

What advice would you give other teams in order for them to achieve the same success you now enjoy?

Daniela Vuta: Focus on individual study and continuous learning but also encouragement, collaboration, and feedback sharing among team members.

Silvana Badita: When dealing with difficult tasks, collaborating and communicating with team members can help you find the best solutions to your problem.

Aida: Step out of your comfort zone a little every day. Stay focused and strive for the best version of yourself.

Cristina: It does not matter how many times or how bad you fail. What matters is how you get out of tough situations as a team. It can break you and make you secretly hate each other, or it can contribute to learning and building trust among people.

Teamwork requires shared knowledge and work experiences. What would you say is the main thing you have learned as part of your team?

Silvana: You need to work together towards a shared goal. This way, you can improve productivity and bring better business results.

Agnes Ilyes: We can improve ourselves faster if we are helping, not competing, with each other.

Human: The importance of brainstorming. Ask whatever you need to ask, and you’ll be surprised by the knowledge and perspective that your colleagues have.

Cristina: It is not about what you as an individual knows that matters in a team, but what you can bring to complete the team. You may be very good at many things, but the team may require from your role just one skill. You need to deliver what is needed and in the format it is needed.

For more information on TKI’s research reports, publications, and consulting services, get in touch with Cristina Mihăiloaie, Business Unit Manager – Research Division: | +61 (390) 282 223 | +40 (749) 424 517.

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