A Year in Review: What’s Your Best Accomplishment in 2021?

As we approach the new year, reflecting on the pivotal moments in our career could give us a sense of what comes next. No two professional journeys are the same, but each offers a unique lesson we can adopt or integrate into the roles we perform.

We asked some of our colleagues at The KPI Institute (TKI) about their unforgettable wins in 2021, and their answers show why excellence doesn’t happen overnight.


“I am most proud of being involved in auditing projects as I discovered my interest in analyzing the performance management systems of different companies. Right now, I am working on auditing the Islamic Development Bank. The second project I am proud of is the research conducted on higher education policies in which I had to look into how universities around the globe link the 17 SDGs to their activities and how the ones from Saudi Arabia can do that as well while being aligned with the Vision 2030.”

Aida Manea | Business Research Analyst, TKI Research 


“This year was amazing for me. I managed to accomplish two of my goals inside the company: to close an in-house project and to become an internal facilitator for our programs. My journey inside TKI is now clearer, and I know that I have all the opportunities to develop my skills and to become a better version of myself. I am thankful to be part of such a great team.”

Iulia Tutulan | Customer Engagement Specialist


“My best accomplishment would be having developed a new certified innovation course. This product was challenging because I was a new employee. I wasn’t aware of the process for developing a new course at TKI, but with the help of my manager and my colleagues, I was able to complete the project.”

Mai Ismail | Business Research Analyst, AMSI


“One of my largest accomplishment this year is synonymous with one of the TKI’s largest accomplishments, and it is the Live Online training programs’ success. Planning the calendar and managing the courses, trainers, schedule, and sales in real time are challenging. But there was great satisfaction when it ended on a VERY successful note!”

Alex Muntean | Head of Customer Engagement


“Forming a fabulous team and finishing two products: the Certified Innovation Professional Course and the Turnover Analysis Tool. An HR Maturity Model, 3 more analytical tools, and 3 more courses are on the way.”

Monica Marchis | Director of Research, AMSI


“That would be PIH – Lerero KPI Essentials project. To my knowledge, it was Lerero’s pilot project with a client and with more than 200 participants onboard to use it. The project is ongoing and while there is no 100% usage from the participants’ end, it gave me insights into the integration of Lerero into TKI’s training programs. The good relationship established with the client resulted to another project. Perhaps this can be also attributed to the good working relationships of the team involved in the project.”

Roxanne Mercado | Head of Instructional Design


“Having successfully coordinated the release of our collections of Top 25 KPIs reports, Top 10 KPIs posters, and KPI of the Month infographics. I was able to switch to the Publishing Department and be an active part of releasing new content for the company`s online and printed publication, Performance Magazine.”

Daniela Vuta | Senior Business Research Analyst, TKI Research


“While I was just new in the company, I consider following two as my biggest accomplishments: 1. Developed the concept of HR Maturity Model and contributed three articles to the ContentDrive21 program, all submitted in time.”

Manoj Dubey | Internal Consultant, AMSI


“The best thing about 2021 has been the achievement of a better congruence between personal and professional life (as opposed to 2020 that has been a crazy crazy crazy year).”

Vintila Raluca | Management Consultant, TKI Consulting


“My best accomplishments so far this year are the development of the KPI of the Month and the Data Analysis practitioner assignment. Even though I started my journey with TKI just a few months back, Cristina, Daniela, and Fadi trusted that I was efficient enough to complete the tasks within the given timeline. Preparing an assignment for a group of students is a bit challenging though. Still, I accomplished the given task, and I tried my best to present better content.”

Sirisha Kodukulla | Business Research Analyst, TKI Research


“My best accomplishment might not be that great but I ventured out of my comfort zone. I challenged myself to propose and build a new course in the field of CRM. I also had the opportunity to learn more about HR and Innovation.”

Besty Afrah Hasyati | Business Research Analyst, AMSI


“Having maintained and updated the training catalog 2022 with future jobs skills, built a database of evaluated bilingual facilitators, won a $109,600 proposal by SAR, and delivered three reading topics for Performance Magazine.”

Hebatullah Saeed Mousa | Coordinator, Skills Academy


“After my return from maternity leave, I have struggled to get new sales. Still, I managed to register around 40 participants for our courses, and I have a pending in-house project that is in the contract signing phase.”

Claudia Istratii | Customer Engagement Specialist, EMEA

The KPI Institute December 27th, 2021 Employees