Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner in Riyadh, June Edition

Between the 16th – 20th of June, 2019, Alina Miertoiu, Senior Consultant for The KPI Institute, facilitated the Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner customized training course in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for one of the biggest medical services providers in the area.

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All the participants who joined the learning experience were part of the Laboratory, but they came from different divisions, such as Toxicology, Blood Bank, Clinical Chemistry, Molecular Genetics, Hematology or Immunology.

Among the main expectations from the course, participants listed:

Course journal

Even though there is a lot of information on KPIs and a lot of resources, the is still a lack of complete understanding on the matter, with many bad practices implemented and hardwired into organizations.

The C-KPIPP course is designed to provide the attendee with both theoretical and practical knowledge on the performance management architecture, focused most specifically on the performance measurement component.

Day I

During the first day, attendees were introduced to several concepts and tools related to KPIs and a robust Performance Management system, comparing them with the current performance management system implemented within the Lab. The benefits of such a system and types of KPIs were also discussed.

It was the most theoretical part of the course, although each topic was complemented by exercises. Overall, the group was very involved and interested in the topic, so we had a lot of open discussions and many, many questions.

Day II

One of the most challenging and practical days of the course, the second day focuses on KPI selection and alignment. Understanding the process, tools and techniques used for setting correct KPIs and the alignment approaches was the main objective of the day.

All of the attendees worked in groups and we started to integrate their examples into the exercise, in order to make it easier to grasp the theory.


During the third day, we had several exercises concerning KPI Documentation, Target-Setting and Data collection and Visualization, with the main learning tool used being debriefing.

Participants found the target-setting session extremely relevant, which was also a main topic they wanted to address, as well as data visualization.

Day IV and V

The last two days, which were part of the Certified KPI Practitioner course, were focused only on exercises, designed to make the knowledge acquired in the first 3 days stick and help participants become more accustomed to the tools and techniques learnt up to that point.

The exercises were customized for their organizational context and had as a starting point their current Objectives and KPIs.

The course blended in tools, templates, case studies and stimulating exercises in order to ensure a smooth learning experience. Participants acknowledged that the course changed their view on performance management and are committed to updating their current framework.

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