Course Stories: 6th training for Valeo Egypt in KPI Management

August has been a very active month for Raluca Vintilă, one of TKI’s most experienced management consultants. Engaging into Egypt, conducting consultations in Kuala Lumpur and then putting up a stellar performance in Peru, Raluca’s dedication to performance management and improving performance in general deserves a tremendous amount of respect and recognition.


The KPI Institute would not be the same without such exemplary individuals, carrying our banner forward, pushing companies to overcome challenges and become the best versions of themselves.

6th training for Valeo Egypt in KPI Management

Raluca begun her adventure in Egypt, where she delivered the 6th edition of our Certified KPI Professional training course, as an in-house session for Valeo Egypt. She’s become so accustomed to the environment and their team that oftentimes, she feels that she will most likely end up being part of Valeo’s team.

While most people attending had a lot of positive feedback, her favorite parts about this training were the following two sentiments:

  • “This training has been mind-twister in Performance Measurement.”
  • “This course is really great & an eye-opener on how to effectively visualize KPIs.”

A newly inserted part in this training edition was the review of Valeo’s KPIs, from the 2018 Integrated Report. The review has been conducted according to the standards of the Key Performance Indicators Management Framework v2.0.

Participants found highly attractive the Value Flow Analysis in the KPI Selection session. Moreover, one of the most appreciated Performance Management Tools used during the session and which are also part of the TKI Toolkit were the Scorecard and KPI Documentation Form.

Looking forward to checking what Valeo’s potential 7th group finds most attractive in the Certified KPI Professional training course.

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