The Success Factors of a Corporate Performance Management Implementation Process

This piece was first published in the latest edition of Performance Magazine. Andrea Minelli is the head of Professional Services SEA and a trainer and Performance Management Consultant at The KPI Institute. Andrea shared his views on the question “What Are the Success Factors of a Corporate Performance Management Implementation Process?”

A performance management system (PMS) implementation is not an easy feat regardless of the maturity of their implementation SOPs and the capability of those individuals guiding the implementation exercise. The success rate of a PMS implementation is highly dependent on the degree of buy-in of the members of the organization regardless of whether the member is involved in the implementation per se of the framework or if they will be appraised using the mentioned system. 

Such buy-in or organizational support towards the framework can be secured via continuous and transparent knowledge-sharing sessions. We explain to all members the motivation of the implementation and the desired outcomes. We train all allocated members in raising their knowledge and awareness towards the technicality of the framework (the specificity of these training should be customized as per the audience). 

For instance, the implementation team, which is generally members of the departments of Strategy Execution, Performance Management, Quality Assurance, or Organizational Excellence, will have a more in-depth technical preparation with respect to a non-PMS-implementation member. 

Such knowledge-sharing sessions aim at upskilling those members involved in applying standardized practices related to Strategic Planning and Execution, selection of Performance Measurement indicators, such as KPIs, at different organizational layers, and above all, proper cascading/alignment practices for Strategic and Performance Management matters. 

Last but not least, it is relevant to remember that the implementation of all the mentioned practices requires not only informed, skilled, and capable individuals from specific departments of the organization, but a proper dedicated governance framework that will foster and assist both the implementation team and all the members of the organization. Crucial support is required by Top Management and BoDs members pre-during and after the PMS framework is in place. 

There is no one-size-fits solution as organizational readiness, both technical and human-wise, play a big role in the PMS success. A governance-led standardized implementation approach will provide the foundations of success though.

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