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Have you ever wondered how some organizations consistently achieve exceptional performance while others struggle to keep up? What if there was a way to uncover the secrets behind their success and unlock the full potential of your organization? 

Course overview

The Certified Performance Management Systems Audit Professional equips participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct comprehensive performance audits by assessing the maturity level of Performance Management Systems that drive organizational excellence. The program embeds over 10 years of research in performance architecture development, employing maturity models for capability maturity levels diagnosis. This learning session presents a rigorous approach to diagnosing and auditing the maturity of performance architectures across five capabilities: 

  • Strategic planning 
  • Performance measurement
  • Performance management 
  • Performance culture
  • Employee performance management

Benefits and importance

  • By joining the global community of Performance Management System Audit, you gain access to a multitude of advantages, which include ensuring you have the right tools, processes, and people in the right place for your Performance Management System
  • Identify the weaknesses of your current Performance Management Framework and learn how to shift from one maturity level to the next one.
  • Maximize the added value generated by your Performance Management System by elevating current practices to best practices.
  • Educate stakeholders to be oriented toward continuous learning and improvement.
  • Assess your organization’s maturity level using the full audit methodology developed by The KPI Institute in collaboration with the GPA Unit.

Course structure and methodology

The course is structured into three stages, with an estimated duration of 40 hours:

  1. Pre-course stage: This initial phase ensures a smooth transition into the training program. Participants will assess their current skills, interact with peers through an engaging online forum, and establish the foundation for a collaborative learning experience.
  2. Core-course stage: During this stage, participants can opt for live online sessions or in-person interactions. They will actively participate in experiential learning, fostering a high level of interactivity. Additionally, they will complete their Individual Learning Maps and take the certification exam.
  3. After-course stage: In this final phase, participants will participate in stimulating forum discussions and explore supplementary readings. They will have the opportunity to craft an actionable plan tailored to their organization’s specific needs.                                          

The Certified Performance Management Systems Audit Professional course also provides participants with a lot of meaningful resources like materials, samples, and toolkits (Desired State of Evolution, Strategy Map, Performance Scorecard, Performance Dashboard, Performance Healthogram, Initiatives Portfolio, Performance Management System Architecture, Monthly Performance Management Process, Employee Scorecard).

Course syllabus

The core course comprises nine learning modules:

  1. The Role of the Performance Management Systems Audit
  2. The Capabilities of an Integrated Performance Maturity Model Framework
  3. Performance Management Maturity Assessment Methodology
  4. Evidence-based Assessment
  5. Perception-based Assessment
  6. Interview-based Assessment
  7. Data Interpretation
  8. Audit Reports Consolidation
  9. Audit Outputs

Flexible learning options

The course is regularly available in multiple languages, accommodating every participant’s schedule and language preferences.

Certification and recognition

Upon completion, participants will receive the following certificates (soft copy):

  • Certificate of Attendance: for course session participation.
  • Certificate of Completion: after fulfilling pre-course activities and passing the Certification Exam.
  • Certified Professional Diploma: Upon successfully completing all three stages of the learning experience, as well as the full payment received by the contractor.
  • CPD Certificate of Attendance: provided once you achieve Professional Status.

Seize the opportunity to unleash your organization’s potential through efficient performance management. Enroll today to become a Certified Performance Management Systems Audit Professional!

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